Why Emma’s Reads?

I am a recent graduate photographer from The University of Derby, who loves to read. For some being dyslexic makes reading a very difficult and occasionally embarrassing task. For me, being dyslexic has made reading the most rewarding thing, although I also found it can be very difficult at times, reading a book everyday has helped me in so many ways, both in speech and reading quicker and smoother but I do find I have a very wild imagination and reading books helps me use it in the best of ways.

Reading has also helped me with Anxiety, to escape to a world where I can be who I want for a small time, is the perfect way to relax my mind.

I’ve decided to start this blog to do what all book lovers like, to talk about books they’ve read.

I’ve decided not to made this blog based on one style of book as I like to read all different kinds and I’m always getting suggestions of other people.

I hope you all like this blog too… Join in, comment, (no being mean though please, friendly discussions)