So I found Batgirl of Burnside so interesting I thought it was only right that I bought some of the older comic book stories of her to understand it more.

I did some reasearch and came upon this website: as well as a few others and thought I should follow what they say.

I bought Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told – this is some of the classic stories about Batgirl and when she first became Batgirl and put on her classic cape. I also bought Batgirl/Robin Year One – so I bought this one because Robin (or later Nightwing) is very closly related to the reasons Batgirl became who she is and how they both have a relationship later on through stories, so it only made sense for me to learn both of their beginnings properly.

Conclusion: I bloody loved these – therefore I’m going to try and continue to follow this reading order later on.


Batgirl Of Burnside vol 1

Batgirl Of Burnside vol 1

Okay so I’ve been a little obsessed with watching a few batgirl episodes as I do love marvel and DC and I really wanted a hero I could really associate with and love and be well be No.1 fan maybe even try cosplaying… well I think I’ve found it!!!! I’m in love! COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH BATGIRL!!!! Okay so yeah she’s good! It’s just wow! I can’t describe this… obvs comics aren’t for everyone but I do suggest that if anyone ever wants to get into them to try with something they are interested in knowing a bit more about first.

One of the main things I like about this book is how she’s a young college student going thought her everyday issues as a young female but she is also such a strong character and smart, a few things I feel women are sometimes told they can’t be! Strong, Independent but smart and not to mention beautiful! I think this is why I’ve come to love this character and story so much, another new strong female role!!! EXCITED MUCH!!!!

The walking dead Graphic Novel – Volume 1 Days gone bye

Okay so I’ve always been interested in comic books, graphic novels etc…. I’ve always wanted to read the walking dead graphic novels (being a fan of the tv series) so I decided to give the first one a try. Volume one- days gone bye. I of course found this a nice easy read as I suspected and I really enjoyed it, I was pleasantly surprised with this… I figured these novels would be easier for me to read as they have pictures with them, although before I started to read it I wasn’t sure as I like to try and imagine the characters and what they may look like, although this made it a little easier. 
I look forward to reading the others….