Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone!

Okay so I decided to go back a little and read a Harry Potter book, so why not start with the first book!

I have bought the new covers for Harry Potter books and I have been really excited to get started in it!

For anyone who hasn’t read them… why not?!?!? These books were brilliant when I read them ages ago and still brilliant today!

Okay so I really like these new covers, these are really nice but I’m still not sure if I like the old ones more…. guess we’ll see…

So the first Harry Potter book is about a young boy who finds out he is a wizard and goes to a witch and wizard school and starts to find out his hidden past… including fighting a dark wizard Voldemort!


The Radleys – Matt Haig

The Radleys – Matt Haig

I decided to try and read this fictional vampire book after reading Matt Haig’s personal book about depression and anxiety.

I really like how Matt writes, this book is split onto section but each chapter is very short – which you find yourself reading really quickly through.

It was a very different vampire book to most, a family of vampire where half the family didn’t realise they were vampires, strange,…. but worked to well.

I really enjoyed reading this and I’m really excited to read his other book ‘The Humans’ – this looks different but I’ve come to like the way he writes and would love to read more from him… I suggest many should check out his both fictional and non- fictional books.


The walking dead Graphic Novel – Volume 1 Days gone bye

Okay so I’ve always been interested in comic books, graphic novels etc…. I’ve always wanted to read the walking dead graphic novels (being a fan of the tv series) so I decided to give the first one a try. Volume one- days gone bye. I of course found this a nice easy read as I suspected and I really enjoyed it, I was pleasantly surprised with this… I figured these novels would be easier for me to read as they have pictures with them, although before I started to read it I wasn’t sure as I like to try and imagine the characters and what they may look like, although this made it a little easier. 
I look forward to reading the others…. 

Harry Potter and the cursed child

Okay so last night I decided to start reading Harry Potter and the cursed child, tonight I have just finished it, I couldn’t put it down! I probably would have read it a lot quicker if I didn’t need to be at university! 
I thought that because this is a script book rather than a story but that it might be a bit harder to read and understand when everyone is talking but I was defiantly wrong…. I read this so easily and really enjoyed it. 
On my way to university this morning I couldn’t help myself but tell my other half (Ben) how much I was enjoying reading this and everything that was happening, I felt just like the little young girl in me re-living my Harry Potter days! 
I would recommend this to anyone and especially the Harry Potter and fantastic beats fans! 
This has defiantly made me want to go watch this show even more!!!! 


Harry Potter and the cursed child

Okay so I have decided the next book for me to read is Harry Potter and the cursed child – parts one and two. Special rehearsal edition script by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne. 
I am very excited to start reading this, a lot different to other novels as this is actually a script book, but I am excited to know the next story…. update about this book to come soon….