Molly and the Cat Café

Molly and the Cat Café

I recently started going to a cat café near where I live as I am a big fan of animals. On my birthday my mother bought me this book called Molly and the Cat Café, by Melissa Daley.

At first I looked at the book and flicked through the pages, thought this might not be as interesting as the actual café. The cover is very nicely set out, I would say that it defiantly would attract younger readers (teens) with the bright blue background, glittering silver and cute little kitten, and seems to have snowflakes around a border for I presume christmas time.

I began to read this book and found it be a nice easy read. It took me a few days to read and I really enjoyed every bit of it. It follows the life of a young house cat who looses there owners and you follow the cats journey to find a new one.

It is wrote in the cats point of view, as if the cat is telling the story, this at first shocked me, although I came to really like it.

I was hooked on this, its very informative about homeless cats (especially around christmas time) and the importance of helping cats, while also struggling with everyday issues any pet owner goes through. Any cat lover would enjoy this book and I am 21 years of age, I like to think I can count myself as teen and adult and I feel this book would be enjoyable for both. Very gripping and had me reading chapter after chapter just to make sure Molly was doing well and hoping for the best.

The author Melissa Daley talks about how this book is fiction although is based on all the real cat café’s around, such as the one I enjoy visiting.

I would love to know what others think of this book.