Reasons to stay alive 

So I bought this book a while ago, but only just got myself to read it. This is a non-fiction book about the writer Matt Haig going through his experience of depression and anexiety. I was really interested in this book as I have constantly heard good things about it, but myself knowing books and people just saying “oh you’ll get over it” or “it’ll pass” and many more I wasn’t really interested in reading another book like that! But this wasn’t anything like that! 

I was really intrigued in how brutally honest Matt Haig is about the conditions and how he suffered and had to deal, everyone suffers and deals with depression and anexiety differently this book he talked about himself but also how it affects other people. In this I really liked how he talked about a few things to try when your for example having an anexiety attack, to try and ground yourself on your surroundings. 

This books is defintatly helpful for people who suffer with anexiety or depression (or both) and even people who live with and have friends or family with anexiety and depression by reminding them things to say, ways to act, ways to stay calm yourself, because it is also hard and does effect people who also don’t suffer with it. 
I suggest anyone should read this book, people who suffer with anexiety and depression, people who are wanting to know more about the conditions and people who have friends, family, partners with it, with help to understand and help! 


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