Harry Potter and the cursed child

Okay so last night I decided to start reading Harry Potter and the cursed child, tonight I have just finished it, I couldn’t put it down! I probably would have read it a lot quicker if I didn’t need to be at university! 
I thought that because this is a script book rather than a story but that it might be a bit harder to read and understand when everyone is talking but I was defiantly wrong…. I read this so easily and really enjoyed it. 
On my way to university this morning I couldn’t help myself but tell my other half (Ben) how much I was enjoying reading this and everything that was happening, I felt just like the little young girl in me re-living my Harry Potter days! 
I would recommend this to anyone and especially the Harry Potter and fantastic beats fans! 
This has defiantly made me want to go watch this show even more!!!! 



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