Okay so I totally got to meet one of my FAVOURITE authors a little while back. James Bowen, the writer of the true story about himself and his cat called A STREET CAT NAMES BOB.

This book is fantastic and is really inspiring. I got this book after a friend was reading it so I went out and bought it knowing I love a good story about animals and cats although this isn’t just about a cat its about a guy James Bowen and his fight against getting of the streets and becoming clean of drugs in order to help his new family member a handsome ginger tom named Bob.

This book really brought a new viewpoint to people living not he streets around the uk (which is where I live), knowing that some people really do try and do their best and knowing that there is hope. Since reading this book I really do think twice when coming to someone homeless on the streets, helping with food or helping a big issue seller.

I got to meet James and Bob at a book signing at my local WHSMITH shop where I live, just after the release of the film (which is also AMAZING – GO WATCH NOW!)
He was a genuine nice guy who really works hard at making a good life for as many people as possible! Whilst I was waiting in cue to meet him a young girl in front asked him to sign a calendar from the film, and he was very happy to do this, but he also turned to her birthday and signed there with a birthday message – I thought this was so kind, he was probably tired from all the scribbling in books all evening anyway that he took the time to write a birthday message as well.

I took a few books, I wanted my original copy signed but I also asked if I could have a book signed for my aunt who is a massive fan of the books also and I also asked if I could get one for my sister who hasn’t yet read the books but she loved the film, just like me and he did them all and having a chat and some photographs with me as well!

I suggest EVERYONE go now buy this book and read it! It really is an inspiring book with an amazing story and strength!!!!!!

And here’s me with photos taken on the day! 😀 


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