Book problems!!

Not being able to find your night light so use a bike light instead! 


Book 5 – House of Night series

Book 5 – Hunted

All hell has broken loose and this is no joke in this book. Kalona an old fallen angel is around at the house of night school, evil is upon us and high priestess Neferet is with the evil. So much pressure is put upon Zoey and her (nerd gang) to save not only themselves and there family but everyone else as well! 

This book is fantastic 5th book, these constantly keep me hooked! 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! 

I qued until midnight on the 30th July to get the next Harry Potter book, the script book of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. 

I was never able to que for the Harry Potter books when I was younger because I was too young and my mum bless her never wanted me to que at a shop so late, so this was so exciting for me to do and it being the next Harry Potter book! EXTREAMLY EXCITING!!! 

Here’s a pic of me when I picked up the book! Very happy me!