Book 1 house of night series 

Book 1 – Marked 

This is the first book of the House of Night series. 

This is about a young girl Zoey who is living an ordinary human life as a teenager at school when on day her life gets completely changed. This is a world where vampires and humans live side by side. One day Zoey is ‘marked’ by a vampire and her life as a vampire Fledgling. 

It is clear straight away that Zoey is a special fledgling and this book is all about her making the best of friends and becoming the person (or vampire) she will become with the fear of not making the change from fledgling to adult vamp. 

This is a easy read but is defiantly not for young reader, this is a book wrote between mum and daughter and there is defiantly both younger and older views within and I think this makes this book for mixed ages. It is brilliant and I was instantly hooked on this series, so I suggest it for anyone!!! 


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