Book 4 – House of Night Series

Book 4 – Untamed

The fourth book of the series, Zoey is just beginning to get over her boy trouble and bringing her friendships together when danger is seeking closer and closer to her and everyone in the school and Earth. 

This book finished with a big dramatic finish that leaves a brilliant cliff hanger for the next book, making me want to read the book as quick and as soon as I can. 


Book 3- House of Night Series

Book 3- Chosen

This is the third book in the series and all the action and drama is kicking of in this book. Zoey is starting to get the handle off her powers although is defiantly going through a lot and alone, having major boy problems and keeping things secret from her closest friend but for good reason, with more murders going on, Zoey is beginning to struggle with what to do…. 
These books are continually addictive and I feel as a young women these books play with teenage emotions and how teenagers go through so much as well as have so much responsibility. 

Book 2- House of Night Series 

Book 2 – Betrayed 

This is the second book in the series. Zoey has now began to settle into life at the new house of night school, she has some amazing friends and is now high priestess in training and she is starting to come to terms with the powers Nyx has given her, although murders of her old humans friends are happening and like any teenage girl she is beginning to have have boy trouble, this is a great book filled with action and how will she save the humans boys especially when there her old human boyfriend is at steak and a good few twists within that I don’t want to give away too much! 

This is a great link with some dramatic scenes just not wanting to put these books down! 

Book 1 house of night series 

Book 1 – Marked 

This is the first book of the House of Night series. 

This is about a young girl Zoey who is living an ordinary human life as a teenager at school when on day her life gets completely changed. This is a world where vampires and humans live side by side. One day Zoey is ‘marked’ by a vampire and her life as a vampire Fledgling. 

It is clear straight away that Zoey is a special fledgling and this book is all about her making the best of friends and becoming the person (or vampire) she will become with the fear of not making the change from fledgling to adult vamp. 

This is a easy read but is defiantly not for young reader, this is a book wrote between mum and daughter and there is defiantly both younger and older views within and I think this makes this book for mixed ages. It is brilliant and I was instantly hooked on this series, so I suggest it for anyone!!! 

The lovely bones 

Sorry it’s been a while since the update of this book I did finish it, a while ago. I thought this book was so interesting and brilliant, a nice read on the connection between family and forgiveness, about this young girl who was murdered (Susie Salmon) and her record of it and her being in heaven watching over her family as they learn to move on and watching her killing (who you know it is) which I always find is different to some books as you usually are trying to find and figure out yourself who killed them where as this book isn’t about that it’s about this young girl and her family after the death. I defiantly suggest this book to anyone interested in a book like this.