The Hunt Trilogy – Andrew Fukuda

My friend suggested the hunt book to me when I was looking for something different to read.
This series has three books in it, The Hunt, The Prey and The Trap.

The Hunt

This is the first book of the trilogy about a young human boy living in a world of (vampires) although is not stated as vampires from going to school with them and the struggles of everyday life with his father, until one day he was chosen to take part in a hunt of humans that have been kept in captivity since a young age.

I instantly got attached to this book as there was constantly something about to happen that I kept reading just to find out what happens. I couldn’t put it down. I quickly read the first book and the cliffhanger that was left I straight away buying the next two books.

The Prey

This book is about how the hunt has begun and the young boy has now been found out as a human and is on the run with the other humans that were kept in captivity, wanting to know more about his father and following clues left by his father in order to survive, becoming more connected to the other humans and fighting to survive.

The Trap

The final book of the trilogy and is about how the boy Gene (who’s name was reviled) is in a underground trap with thousands of other humans until he is asked to go kill an old friend. Although there was constant traps for Gene and Sissy. The ending (which I won’t say) was a surprise to me but it really tied the trilogy together.

You defiantly can’t just read one or two of these books you have to read them all as the last book is really bring the books together and making you have the feeling on the last page of (ooohhhhh my!!! that makes things so wow!!!) as I was with it anyway.

I would defiantly recommend these books to anyone who is interested in survival or vampire style books. This would be suitable for young adults (like myself) but I guess anyone could read it.

I would love to see who else has read these books and see what there opinions and reactions were.