So I’ve been wanting to read this for quite some time. I’ve not been able to read and blog much lately since moving out and organising all sorts! Needed time to settle, but anyway….. I saw this being read by a friend when I visited Australia, it instantly got my attention. My friend read me a few bits from it and I couldn’t believe how real this book seemed, one of the first things I did when I arrived back here in the UK was buy it.

Can’t wait to tell you guys more about it…. coming soon…..

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Moving out!!!

Okay so me and my boyfriend Dom have decided to get our own place together! EXCITING!!! and also extremely NERVOUS!! over it all. So we move in 1 day and I happen to realise I HAVE TOO MANY BOOKS!!!! which personally I didn’t think was even possible… but yes apparently it is.

So we’ve got a flat, that is only small and therefore can only fit a certain amount of things in, and I happen to discover that I have more books then clothes, shoes, bags, or well anything…. Not very girly I know!

I looks like I’m going have to keep a mini library at my mums house and book my books out as and when I want to read them!

#Idon’thaveabookproblem #bookproblems #libary

Katie Abey

I got an amazing present for my birthday!! I LIKE BIG BOOKS AND I CONNOT LIE!

This bag is designed by an incredible young artist/illustrator called Katie Abey, she has a store near to where I live but also has a great Etsy page. All of her items are unique and adorable, not to mention very colourful!!! The best way to describe this incredible work is happiness, motivation and sarcasm!

If you would like to check her work out. Or get a bag like this yourself check out her webpage – I mean, what more could a book lover want? It’s just so true too!!



I have just got back from travelling around Australia for a month and I wanted a new book to start reading whilst I was out there. So, being as my boyfriend Dominic was a massive fan of these books and really wanted me to start reading them I decided to give them a try, The Wheel Of Time Series.

There are around 13 books in total and I decided to begin with the first to try it out – The eye of the world.

I will update soon…!!!




So I found Batgirl of Burnside so interesting I thought it was only right that I bought some of the older comic book stories of her to understand it more.

I did some reasearch and came upon this website: as well as a few others and thought I should follow what they say.

I bought Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told – this is some of the classic stories about Batgirl and when she first became Batgirl and put on her classic cape. I also bought Batgirl/Robin Year One – so I bought this one because Robin (or later Nightwing) is very closly related to the reasons Batgirl became who she is and how they both have a relationship later on through stories, so it only made sense for me to learn both of their beginnings properly.

Conclusion: I bloody loved these – therefore I’m going to try and continue to follow this reading order later on.

Buying books

I thought I would write a post about where I buy my books and why. Some of my books will be brand new where as some books I buy might be second hand. I sometimes buy second hand because the book might not be printed anymore or it’s actually a LOT cheaper especially when I was a student, buying brand new books can be very expensive. Some books I may buy will be digital (Kindle) this is because I’m either travelling or its cheaper to have it on Kindle. There are probably more good book shops and online shops although these are the ones I can think off the top of my head and the ones I use a lot!

Amazon – This is my main form of book buying platform. This is because I have a Prime Student account which means I get quick next day delivery on a LOT of books and some discounts making it cheap too. Cheap, quick and simple.

Ebay – This is another simple and quick way to find books. Some books are new and some are second hand – some are really quick delivery also.

World of books -This is one of my favourite websites to buy books from. All the books on this website are second hand. Every book I have bought off this website has been in almost perfect condition, a lot of the books are saved from closed down libraries or from libraries when they close down. And any book that isn’t in good enough condition to re-sell will be recycled properly, they are committed when it comes to the environmental impact.

Better world of books – This is another website the same as world of books, there message is keeping books from landfill sights – they work closely with schools, colleagues, universities, student groups and libraries for giving a large surplus of books to places that need them more often. Books again are in good condition.

Used book search – This is a good website just to search different book sellers and prices, a bit like a price comparison website.

Abe Books – This is another popular second hand book website, this website has many for the different countries.

WHSmith – For new book this shop and online shop is fantastic! Sometimes great deals and some book signings at your local shop.

Waterstones – This is another place REALLY good for new books, store and online store and some book signings at your local shop.

The book people – Usually go around schools and workplaces selling all different kinds of books but you can also order from their website, books are always at a fantastic price.

The Works – A nice little shop that sells not just books but stationary, notebooks, calendars, art stuff all kind of things but if you do find a book you like in this shop it’s usually at a really good price.

Forbidden Planet – A really good shop and online shop for new comics, graphic novels, manga and much more. A really good geek shop.