Tomb Raider and Spider-Man


Its obvious how much I enjoy reading, although something I don’t often mention on this blog is how much I also enjoy gaming. This is a good year for gaming for me, new World of Warcraft game (Which I am yet to play, as waiting to play with a friend). I have just got and complete the new Tomb Raider game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and currently playing the brand new Spider Man exclusively on PS4 as well as Assasins Creed Odyssey, not to mention the few games I also have pre-ordered, Spyro and Pokemon- Let’s go.

Now I know it seems strange me writing a blog post about gaming on my book blog, but the reason why is because some of these games are either based on books/ comics and/or have books to support the game.

When we bought the new Spiderman game I also bought the new book which came with it, this book is about the famous Peter Parker just before the beginning of this game. I really like the idea of writing a book prequal to support a game, this game is also based on a LOT of comics by Marvel and I’m pretty sure is one of their first ever superhero’s.

I have also bought the book for Shadow of Tomb Raider, I have actually got this game completed now but I’m getting excited to read the book related to the game.

I would love to hear about other passionate readers and gamers and what are their favourite books, games or even books and games connected to each other are. If you feel like it, leave a comment!


The Waking Land – Callie Bates

The Waking Land – Callie Bates

I am currently in the process a few pages from the end,  of reading a new book – The Waking Land by Callie Bates, I decided on reading this book after I was given a sample of it at my old workplace by a colleague.

When I first saw this book, I definatly did not think much of it, but you know what they say about judging a book by it’s cover and much to my suprise the first chapter grabbed me in ways I didn’t think a book could. Straight to the action with lots of detail.

Throughout this book I have felt connected to the character Elenna and enjoyed reading her journey from young girl with her family to being kidnapped by a king, with her father being a trator, Elenna has been raised by the king as one of his own, until eventually she is framed for killing the king and her daughter who hates Elenna becomes queen, she is forced to run. An adventure about magic, and destiny I’ve been hooked with this book since picking it up, so much I have actually ordered the next one.



So I’ve been wanting to read this for quite some time. I’ve not been able to read and blog much lately since moving out and organising all sorts! Needed time to settle, but anyway….. I saw this being read by a friend when I visited Australia, it instantly got my attention. My friend read me a few bits from it and I couldn’t believe how real this book seemed, one of the first things I did when I arrived back here in the UK was buy it.

Can’t wait to tell you guys more about it…. coming soon…..

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Moving out!!!

Okay so me and my boyfriend Dom have decided to get our own place together! EXCITING!!! and also extremely NERVOUS!! over it all. So we move in 1 day and I happen to realise I HAVE TOO MANY BOOKS!!!! which personally I didn’t think was even possible… but yes apparently it is.

So we’ve got a flat, that is only small and therefore can only fit a certain amount of things in, and I happen to discover that I have more books then clothes, shoes, bags, or well anything…. Not very girly I know!

I looks like I’m going have to keep a mini library at my mums house and book my books out as and when I want to read them!

#Idon’thaveabookproblem #bookproblems #libary

Katie Abey

I got an amazing present for my birthday!! I LIKE BIG BOOKS AND I CONNOT LIE!

This bag is designed by an incredible young artist/illustrator called Katie Abey, she has a store near to where I live but also has a great Etsy page. All of her items are unique and adorable, not to mention very colourful!!! The best way to describe this incredible work is happiness, motivation and sarcasm!

If you would like to check her work out. Or get a bag like this yourself check out her webpage – I mean, what more could a book lover want? It’s just so true too!!



I have just got back from travelling around Australia for a month and I wanted a new book to start reading whilst I was out there. So, being as my boyfriend Dominic was a massive fan of these books and really wanted me to start reading them I decided to give them a try, The Wheel Of Time Series.

There are around 13 books in total and I decided to begin with the first to try it out – The eye of the world.

I will update soon…!!!